Hello! ?

I’m Sophia Louise. ? I’m living in the heart of Hungary.
I’m an Artist, ?Nature Lover, ? Photographer, ?Singer, ?Songwriter,  ?Jewelry Designer, ?Video Maker.
I would like to present the beauty of my country.

I find it important for people to get to know my country’s cultural heritage and landscapes.
Like our national parks or arts and crafts. For example, spinning with a distaff or spinning-wheel.
That’s why I’m travelling in the country to capture the beauty of nature with my videos.

I would like to inspire the people, to visit these places, and to care the nature gently.

My jewelry was also inspired by nature. Just like my music.

The greatest inspiration for me is Mother Nature, forests, trees, living beings, even insect.
And the little things in life that are the key to the great things of life. At least I think so.
Like the sun’s rays, the bubble of soap, the first wildflowers of the spring, a mossy cleansing in the woods, and I could still list it.

So I hope you will enjoy the videos, and will love the things.

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Sophia Louise Music
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