I never feared so much than..

My cat had surgery on Friday. Her name is Mumus and she’s 14 years old.

She’s been with me for 14 years. Real family member.

Exept the last year’s illness, she is very youthful, agile and happy.

Last year, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and we did a lot to heal.

At the beginning of last year, unfortunately, the doctor who operated was not very careful (I not write a name, only if you ask in private) did not pay attention to the cat’s age, so serious complications occurred after surgery.

We turned to another doctor at animal clinic (I write the name because they are very good! Tamás Juhász Animal Hospital). They helped in the long recovery. Unfortunately, we got the bad news that the cat had to be re-operated.
So a long period started again, and the kitten’s organization had to be prepared for surgery.

Pre-surgery anesthesia was a big risk (because of the age) , but a month ago she had a better blood test than me 🙂

The surgery was now on Friday. I was very frightened, confused and nervous. Before this, I thought I could be strong, but that day everything fell out of my hand and I was cold as I was having a fever. And my stomach was “up and down”. I can’t imagine if I have a child, how will I behave in a similar situation. Every mother deserves a congratulation, who went through a similar or harder situation with her child.

The story is finally a happy end. The doctor worked very precisely and Mumus is now recovering. She’s good now.

I was very afraid to lose her. And so far, I never really thought about what would happen if I lose her.

Or I lose my mom, my partner, my gradma….

I’ve never lost anybody who was so close to me and I feel really lucky.


Here is 2019.

The closer the new year came, the more I have been thinking for the last few years.
Dreams, ideas I didn’t start with because I thought I had a lot of time.
Then there were less and less ideas coming with less and less enthusiasm.
For a while, I felt that something was wrong.
But apparently
there is nothing wrong with my life.

I’ve been living in Budapest for three years. I think I had to experience urban life to get to my decision.
I need to change.
So far, I waited to open the door and go.

Several things have helped to make this decision.

For example, my trip to Őrség.
This is a national park in Hungary, my country. That’s why I am very grateful to have a short but meaningful visit to beautiful landscapes.

Another great thing once again realized that we only have one life.
And I don’t just want to survive.
Here you can read about -> “the other thing

So far, when I was a little dissatisfied, I always thought that I was stupid because I didn’t feel good. And how much more problems others have.

Then came the realization that it’s just half the life I want to live.
Must be changed. Well, not radically, just to do it.
From this recognition, ideas and enthusiasm came again.

Now you can rightly ask why I wrote all this?

I decided to document that I persisted and motivated myself to achieve the goal. Meanwhile, I may be able to motivate you.

In addition to motivating myself, I want to give hope, inspiration, motivation, fun to people with my blog, my videos, my pictures and my music.

In the big city, I feel more and more empty and I realize that this emptiness comes from the lack of nature. I lack the clean air, the landscape, and I can look at the sky, the clouds or the stars lying in the grass without disturbance.

This year’s pledge are that I’m going to deal with my health and my hobby more. I’ll go into nature and deal with music more .

I always wanted to discover my country. I love the landscapes of Hungary. And I also decided to try to capture the beauty of nature in my country.

Nature is everything to me. This is my panic room, my escape from the noisy city. That’s what I always wanted, but I never really started.

Until now.