Lucerne Harvesting

The plant superficially resembles clover (a cousin in the same family), especially while young,
It has clusters of small purple flowers followed by fruits spiralled
Lucerne is native to warmer temperate climates
The older plants have a very long roots.
normally lives four to eight years, but can live more than 20 years, depending on variety and climate

Lucerne sprouts are a common ingredient in dishes made in South Indian cuisine.
And in some countries People also eat lucerne sprouts in salads and sandwiches.
As with all herbs, Intermittent consumption is beneficial, but should not be overstated.
dried lucerne leaf is available as a dietary supplement in several forms, such as powders, and tea.
It is widely used in the cosmetics industry and is used to prevent the aging of the skin.
In europe it used mainly to feed animals, and in my country people dry it for animals, they not eat it.
But it has a Curative Effect.
Lucerne has a strengthening effect. Being very rich in vitamin C.
It has a beneficial effect due to the plant estrogens it contains.
Improves the absorption of food,
Immune system strengthening effect
to strengthen bones and teeth
and much more

Every Year we collect a few.
Watch my videos about it:

There is An other plant it called blind nettle.
Its not the real nettle.
The bees love it too, and …..
Its flowers are edible, its leaves are eaten cooked in vegetable dishes.
It used to be used for hair bleaching
In folk medicine, the plant is used for urinary and digestive problems
recommended in case of insomnia.
and it has a uterine strengthening effect.
whole plant can be used.

Beneficial insects
The honey bee love lucerne flower.
Harvesting all of the lucerne can destroy the insect population,
but this can be avoided by mowing in strips so that part of the growth remains.

With a good receipe, the lucerne can be a very delicious food.

Wood Sorrel – Edible Plants

The woodsorrel is a nutritious edible weed.

Wood sorrel is one of my favorite edible wild plants.
Its sorrel taste is great and you can use it in a morning salad. It’s found all over in Hungary. If you keep your eyes open, you will find it everywhere.

The genus name for wood sorrel is oxalis.
There are many different species. Some have white flowers, some have yellow or pink.

In Hungary, yellow occurs most often.

Wood sorrel is high in vitamin C and also contains vitamin A and also high in oxalic acid.

I love eating a sprig of wood sorrel all by itself. It’s also one of my favorite salad ingredients.
Both the leaves and the flowers are edible.

People eating wood sorrel in salads at fancy New York restaurants.
And sweetened wood sorrel tea is said to taste something like lemonade, and some people use it in beer-making.

How can you Identify?

It has three heart-shaped leaves.  Because it has three leaves on each stem, it is sometimes confused with clover.
Each leaf has a center crease.
The leaves are usually green.

Mennyi az esélye egy átlag magnak, hogy fa legyen belőle?

What is the probability of an average seed to become a tree?

Well, let’s see:

A few words about sprouts::

For a seed to become a sprout, it needs a lot of nutrients.
Necessary reserves of nutrients are contained in the cotyledons or the seed.

At the beginning of sprouting, the seed needs water.
The water is absolutely necessary for the seed.
Not a drop of water, but a constant supply of water.

Water demand varies from plant to plant.
Even a few plants take up minimal water, for example, an avocado needs a constant amount of water to sprouting at all and then survive.

As the germ begins to grow, its oxygen uptake increases.
Later, the uptake of carbon dioxide.
Different enzymes are activated and degradation begins,
which reduces the number of reserve nutrients in the seed.
It will soon take root and after than the first bud will appear.
This also happens at different speeds per plant.

The first breath

With the appearance of foliage, photosynthesis of the plant begins, ie the production of organic matter. This is important because by this time the seed’s reserve nutrients are running low.

For example, if the plant is damaged in this state, it will be harder to grow or not at all to recover, but it depends on the plant we are talking about.

Many plants still sprout easily, unfortunately, this is not true for all seeds.
Pines are much harder to sprouting, but radishes or broccoli are simple.

Even at home, a seed can sprout quickly, while in nature it is not that easy.
In my own “garden” I also protect, nourish the freshly sprouted plant.
I pay attention to where to plant it in the beginning.
But in nature, seeds can fall anywhere…

A lot of seeds may not be in a place where they can sprout or grow or live.

There’s also a (more) super-video on YouTube about this.
This is the first few days of an oak:

You can read more about this in the Eden Garden article (Hungarian):

All in all about the problems of a seed:

?There is not enough water to either germinate or dry out the sprout.
?Too cold,
?Too hot. The plant withers immediately after germination.
?The seed is too deep in the ground (Ez nem minden fajta növénynél probléma, de van amelyik így soha sem fog kicsírázni)
?The seed is not in the ground (Ez szintén adott fajta növényeknek előny, valamelyiknek pedig óriási hátrány).

Bónusz, ha valami, vagy valaki megeszi a magot…

És mi lesz a csírával?

A csírázáshoz víz és hő kell.
Ebből minden növénynek annyi, amennyi neki szükséges ehhez.
De ha már kicsírázott a növény, akkor szülsége van fényre, a fotoszintézishez, tehát a magas aljnövényzet, vagy a nála magasab és sűrűbb növényzet hátráljtatni tudja a növekedésben.
És persze szüksége van megfelelő talajra a táplálék felvételhez.

Aztán persze jöhetnek az állatok és az emberek, akik megeszik, letapossák, levágják, vagy letépkedik.

Persze láttunk már hardcore növényeket, amik a bazilika tetején is gyökeret vernek, vagya ház falán, de nem minden növény ilyen superplant.

Szóval nem egyszerű magnak lenni, sem csírának, annak a fának, amelyik felnő pedig sok tisztelet jár.

Egy fa évente átlegosan hány magot hoz, ebből hány fa lesz.

Erre csak becslések vannak, mert nagyon függ a fatájától.

De ha megnézzük az alábbi képeket, el tudjuk képzelni,hogy mennyi mag kerül le egy fáról.



Akác (é

Kapcsolódó kép

Almafa (

Szóval kijelenthetjük, hogy nem egyszerű a növényeknek.

Érdekesség: a mókusok nagyban hozzájárulnak, hogy a tölgyek ki tudnak csírázni, és csemete lesz belőlük.

ECOSIA – Environment friendly search engine

Plant real trees with just a few clicks!

Not long ago I found Ecosia, which is a search engine.
They have an incredibly valuable mission.
That is, at least 80 percent of the profit is spent on planting trees, where the biggest problem is: in Africa, in Burkina Faso.

We can’t go every day to pick up garbage or volunteer or live without Zero waste.
We can try, but honestly  it is not easy if the workplace or other reasons make it difficult.
But it is great to have tools in everyday life, and
I can help a little to the Earth on my average days.

That’s why ECOSIA has been created.

We can do something for the greener future of the Earth with using internet.
We help them with every search to make our planet greener.
What I am really happy about is that they have more than 7 million users and more and they planted 57 million trees. (Based on 2019 data)

Ecosia is easy to use, just like Google.
Using it in office work, I can also contribute a little to the brighter future.
Those who sit in front of their machines (for work or anything)
it is an opportunity to take part in environmental protection without changing their usual habits.

How does it work?
Just like Google, or other search engines, is generating revenue from edits and advertisements.
Our search on the internet, through advertisements and ranking of search results, is definitely making money for the search engine.
Then I looked closely, and with Ecosia we can be sure that 80 percent of the money earned from searches will turn out to be good.
As “Earth Warriors”, we take a little money from Microsoft and Google to give back to Earth through Ecosia, who now needs our support immensely.
Ecosia has full financial publicity, and tree planting donations can be downloaded for anyone from Ecosia Dropbox account.
Ecosia can be added quickly and easily to the search engine right from the start page.
I’ve already done this with a few clicks.
Since its launch in 2009, a total of 57,764,698 (May 15, 2019) trees were planted from the donations of Ecosia, which warmed my heart.
Until I think again, Earth’s trees are rapidly disappearing as a result of human intervention.
48 large soccer-field-sizes forest are cut per every minute,
this means more than 150,000 square kilometers per year
and I can’t tell you how many trees.
This means a little smaller area each year than Hungary (my home country).

I can only encourage you!
Use Ecosia!
Do it for the environment, try to be sustainable, even if you never reach the full Zero waste.
Try Recycling Everyday, so that we don’t have to lie to our grandchildren, “We tried everything.”