ECOSIA – Environment friendly search engine

Plant real trees with just a few clicks!

Not long ago I found Ecosia, which is a search engine.
They have an incredibly valuable mission.
That is, at least 80 percent of the profit is spent on planting trees, where the biggest problem is: in Africa, in Burkina Faso.

We can’t go every day to pick up garbage or volunteer or live without Zero waste.
We can try, but honestly  it is not easy if the workplace or other reasons make it difficult.
But it is great to have tools in everyday life, and
I can help a little to the Earth on my average days.

That’s why ECOSIA has been created.

We can do something for the greener future of the Earth with using internet.
We help them with every search to make our planet greener.
What I am really happy about is that they have more than 7 million users and more and they planted 57 million trees. (Based on 2019 data)

Ecosia is easy to use, just like Google.
Using it in office work, I can also contribute a little to the brighter future.
Those who sit in front of their machines (for work or anything)
it is an opportunity to take part in environmental protection without changing their usual habits.

How does it work?
Just like Google, or other search engines, is generating revenue from edits and advertisements.
Our search on the internet, through advertisements and ranking of search results, is definitely making money for the search engine.
Then I looked closely, and with Ecosia we can be sure that 80 percent of the money earned from searches will turn out to be good.
As “Earth Warriors”, we take a little money from Microsoft and Google to give back to Earth through Ecosia, who now needs our support immensely.
Ecosia has full financial publicity, and tree planting donations can be downloaded for anyone from Ecosia Dropbox account.
Ecosia can be added quickly and easily to the search engine right from the start page.
I’ve already done this with a few clicks.
Since its launch in 2009, a total of 57,764,698 (May 15, 2019) trees were planted from the donations of Ecosia, which warmed my heart.
Until I think again, Earth’s trees are rapidly disappearing as a result of human intervention.
48 large soccer-field-sizes forest are cut per every minute,
this means more than 150,000 square kilometers per year
and I can’t tell you how many trees.
This means a little smaller area each year than Hungary (my home country).

I can only encourage you!
Use Ecosia!
Do it for the environment, try to be sustainable, even if you never reach the full Zero waste.
Try Recycling Everyday, so that we don’t have to lie to our grandchildren, “We tried everything.”


Menstrual cup – What is this …..?

A couple of years ago I met the menstrual cup.
Then I thought, “What? They’re crazy! What’s that stupid things?”
Then as I met the “Zero Waste” more and more, I also met the Reusable pads and others.
I was wondering what it was, if it was something of an epoch-making solution? 🤔
As I began to pay more attention to myself and my health and the environment, I found a YouTube channel.

This is not advertising, it’s just a recommendation!
This is Hormonmentes (hormone-free) from Janka.

This is a Hungarian YouTube channel, but if you know English channel in the same topic, please let me know in the comment section.❤
Janka Talking about “taboos” that shouldn’t be taboo, so I just loved it!

You send me an English YouTube channel about this topic, so the video is here:

I don’t want to describe the way it works, nor to say that it’s good and everyone needs it.
Watch the video if you are interested.
I would just like to tell you what experiences I have about this.
So after a lot of thinking and watching, I decided to try it out.

I counted one: In a month with a package insert.
Approximately: One month = a pack of menstrual pads.
One pack is about 2-3 EUR
This is 24-36 EUR in a year (or more)
So one menstrual cup = 1 year menstrual pads
But you can use it for years.
I counted, thought and bought it…

I’ve been looking at it for a while, because It was still a little bizarre for me.
Now I would like to tell you about the first two days of experience.
I’m a little shy, but I think that women have to talk about it (with other women).😉

The disinfection step went easily.
Because disinfection is most important.
Before every use!

The first day was very skeptical and cautious
so I used a menstrual pad too.
But the surprising experience was that it worked perfectly for 12 hours.
The placement was not easy at first.
First I was thinking, How this thing works? What and how should I?
But then I managed to do it.

Ladies who regularly use tampons: this is a big advantage!

The second day has gone easier insertion,
better to say, less …. uncomfortable.

And the “take-off” was surprisingly easy.
I’m not going to explain why, but first try to take off in the shower!
I’m over the second day.
No leaks, airtight, not uncomfortable.😊

I finished the day off with a great feeling.
No taboo from today!
No longer have to miss the wellness, no missed swimming pool!
I can go on any tour on the “period” days too!😍

But the most important thing!
All women have experienced in their life (or will be),
that it is not a matter the routine.
The rush of life, the “just one more question” on the way to the WC, or for whatever reason, the blood was everywhere…
(And if you have no luck, of course in a white dress, etc.)
I think this is a familiar problem that I don’t have to explain.

Not only am I happy, but I also feel an uplifting plus freedom!
Funny, but after this two days I just don’t understand why I haven’t found it so far, or why I haven’t used it before.

Winter farewell

Spring is coming soon.

Every year I look forward to seeing the weather getting warmer. 🌺
When I feel the power of the sun as it shines and I feel I’m refreshing.

So at the end of winter, at the beginning of spring, I always remember what I like in winter and what I don’t.
Every spring I have a little winter farewell.
I say goodbye to the snowflakes, peace of the holidays, the winter landscape, my winter clothes and, of course, the cold.

I love their tiny flakes and their pattern. ❄
I love that I can see every breath I take.

Winter is beautiful, just cold. My body does not like the cold very much, so I prefer a layered dress, which gives me a lot of opportunity about wearing various wichty clothes.
When I have the time and opportunity I like to make my clothes what I dreamed.

In this little video you can see one of the clothes I made in this winter. 😘
I will also make a separate blogpost for the clothes for you..

I’ll start packing the winter clothes to give space to the spring clothes.
These witchy and north dresses are most missing when the winter is over. Unfortunately, as time is getting better, they are less well-suited. 😊
So I say good bye to my winter clothes too. 🤔

Of course there are some that I don’t miss in the spring.
People are more standoffish in winter, and in spring everyone is getting a little smoother and opening up.

What is still happening also in the spring, these are the diseases. 😒
I will be sick in winter many times, but especially in spring. I do not really like the excessive medicine consumption, So I usually consume herbs besides necessary medicines,
I try to heal myself from diseases in this way.
You can read in a separate blogpost which herbs were good for me for many years.

In any case, I look forward to the spring, the flowers coming out of the ground and the scents of spring.
This time people are noticeably smile more and start to feel better after the long winter.

What are your favorite seasons?

Plants and I

The great benefit of living in the city was that I learned to deal with plants.

There are those who take it for granted, but to understand how great this is for me, I tell you a little bit about myself.

It is incredibly important to me to surround a lot of green.
And I’m not talking about color, but plants.
I grew up in a place where I could see the forest from the window.
Every season was beautiful and soothing here.

Hinyázik, hogy 5 perc sétára az ember már kint van az erdőben, a csendben és nyugalomban🌲.

Mivel sok időmet töltöttem kint, így az innen-onnan kapott növényeim sajnos megsínylették.
Sokszor elfelejtettem locsolni, vagy épp hogy túllocsoltam őket. Az újabb jöjevényeket inkább elajándékoztam, hogy ne jussanak ugyan arra a sorsra.
Azt hiszem, hogy akkoriban talán azért nem zavart ez, mert édesanyámnak is rengeteg növénye volt az igazi és utánozhatatlan természet pedig 5 percre.

Ahányszor sikerült elhervasztanom egy újabb kapott növényt mindig Tistou – A zöld hüvelykujjak című meséje jutott eszembe és valahol egy kicsit szégyelltem magam, hogy nem tartottam őket életben.

Az egész növény mizéria egy maggal kezdődött.
Az egyik barátnőm ajánlotta, hogy próbáljam ki az avokádót.
Finom volt 😊 és jó nagy magja, amit bedugtam egy egyik virágládába.

Aztán teltek múltak a hónapok és én el is felejtettem az egészet.
Az egyik nap pedig arra figyeltem fel, hogy valami kinőtt. Egy 5-6 cm-es valami.
Két nap múlva már 10 centi volt, rá pár napra pedig már túlnőtt a 15 cm-en.
Azthiszem kíváncsi lettem, hogy mi is lesz ebből 😊.

Egészen kiskorom óta ez volt az első növény, amit magról neveltem.
Gyerekkoromban anyukám és az iskola is megismertetett ezzel, mint mindenki mást, de valahogy most mégis újdonságnak tűnt.
Csak nőtt és nőtt. Ő túl akart élni én pedig segítettem neki.
Ma már egy méteres fa lett belőle és növekedik szépen.

Mostanra egy egész növényarzenál növekszik nálam. Kedvet kaptam a nevelésükhöz, és otthon is jobban érzem magam a sok zöld között.

Szerintem mások is vannak így a növényekkel, hogy “fura” kapcsolatuk van és egyszerűen nem megy a nevelés.
De csak ajánlani tudom. Hihetetlen jó érzés látni, ahogy napról napra nőnek és egy csomó új dolgot tanultam velük kapcsolatban.

I never feared so much than..

My cat had surgery on Friday. Her name is Mumus and she’s 14 years old.

She’s been with me for 14 years. Real family member.

Exept the last year’s illness, she is very youthful, agile and happy.

Last year, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and we did a lot to heal.

At the beginning of last year, unfortunately, the doctor who operated was not very careful (I not write a name, only if you ask in private) did not pay attention to the cat’s age, so serious complications occurred after surgery.

We turned to another doctor at animal clinic (I write the name because they are very good! Tamás Juhász Animal Hospital). They helped in the long recovery. Unfortunately, we got the bad news that the cat had to be re-operated.
So a long period started again, and the kitten’s organization had to be prepared for surgery.

Pre-surgery anesthesia was a big risk (because of the age) , but a month ago she had a better blood test than me 🙂

The surgery was now on Friday. I was very frightened, confused and nervous. Before this, I thought I could be strong, but that day everything fell out of my hand and I was cold as I was having a fever. And my stomach was “up and down”. I can’t imagine if I have a child, how will I behave in a similar situation. Every mother deserves a congratulation, who went through a similar or harder situation with her child.

The story is finally a happy end. The doctor worked very precisely and Mumus is now recovering. She’s good now.

I was very afraid to lose her. And so far, I never really thought about what would happen if I lose her.

Or I lose my mom, my partner, my gradma….

I’ve never lost anybody who was so close to me and I feel really lucky.


Here is 2019.

The closer the new year came, the more I have been thinking for the last few years.
Dreams, ideas I didn’t start with because I thought I had a lot of time.
Then there were less and less ideas coming with less and less enthusiasm.
For a while, I felt that something was wrong.
But apparently
there is nothing wrong with my life.

I’ve been living in Budapest for three years. I think I had to experience urban life to get to my decision.
I need to change.
So far, I waited to open the door and go.

Several things have helped to make this decision.

For example, my trip to Őrség.
This is a national park in Hungary, my country. That’s why I am very grateful to have a short but meaningful visit to beautiful landscapes.

Another great thing once again realized that we only have one life.
And I don’t just want to survive.
Here you can read about -> “the other thing

So far, when I was a little dissatisfied, I always thought that I was stupid because I didn’t feel good. And how much more problems others have.

Then came the realization that it’s just half the life I want to live.
Must be changed. Well, not radically, just to do it.
From this recognition, ideas and enthusiasm came again.

Now you can rightly ask why I wrote all this?

I decided to document that I persisted and motivated myself to achieve the goal. Meanwhile, I may be able to motivate you.

In addition to motivating myself, I want to give hope, inspiration, motivation, fun to people with my blog, my videos, my pictures and my music.

In the big city, I feel more and more empty and I realize that this emptiness comes from the lack of nature. I lack the clean air, the landscape, and I can look at the sky, the clouds or the stars lying in the grass without disturbance.

This year’s pledge are that I’m going to deal with my health and my hobby more. I’ll go into nature and deal with music more .

I always wanted to discover my country. I love the landscapes of Hungary. And I also decided to try to capture the beauty of nature in my country.

Nature is everything to me. This is my panic room, my escape from the noisy city. That’s what I always wanted, but I never really started.

Until now.