Wood Sorrel – Edible Plants

The woodsorrel is a nutritious edible weed.

Wood sorrel is one of my favorite edible wild plants.
Its sorrel taste is great and you can use it in a morning salad. It’s found all over in Hungary. If you keep your eyes open, you will find it everywhere.

The genus name for wood sorrel is oxalis.
There are many different species. Some have white flowers, some have yellow or pink.

In Hungary, yellow occurs most often.

Wood sorrel is high in vitamin C and also contains vitamin A and also high in oxalic acid.

I love eating a sprig of wood sorrel all by itself. It’s also one of my favorite salad ingredients.
Both the leaves and the flowers are edible.

People eating wood sorrel in salads at fancy New York restaurants.
And sweetened wood sorrel tea is said to taste something like lemonade, and some people use it in beer-making.

How can you Identify?

It has three heart-shaped leaves.  Because it has three leaves on each stem, it is sometimes confused with clover.
Each leaf has a center crease.
The leaves are usually green.

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