Winter farewell

Spring is coming soon.

Every year I look forward to seeing the weather getting warmer. ?
When I feel the power of the sun as it shines and I feel I’m refreshing.

So at the end of winter, at the beginning of spring, I always remember what I like in winter and what I don’t.
Every spring I have a little winter farewell.
I say goodbye to the snowflakes, peace of the holidays, the winter landscape, my winter clothes and, of course, the cold.

I love their tiny flakes and their pattern. ❄
I love that I can see every breath I take.

Winter is beautiful, just cold. My body does not like the cold very much, so I prefer a layered dress, which gives me a lot of opportunity about wearing various wichty clothes.
When I have the time and opportunity I like to make my clothes what I dreamed.

In this little video you can see one of the clothes I made in this winter. ?
I will also make a separate blogpost for the clothes for you..

I’ll start packing the winter clothes to give space to the spring clothes.
These witchy and north dresses are most missing when the winter is over. Unfortunately, as time is getting better, they are less well-suited. ?
So I say good bye to my winter clothes too. ?

Of course there are some that I don’t miss in the spring.
People are more standoffish in winter, and in spring everyone is getting a little smoother and opening up.

What is still happening also in the spring, these are the diseases. ?
I will be sick in winter many times, but especially in spring. I do not really like the excessive medicine consumption, So I usually consume herbs besides necessary medicines,
I try to heal myself from diseases in this way.
You can read in a separate blogpost which herbs were good for me for many years.

In any case, I look forward to the spring, the flowers coming out of the ground and the scents of spring.
This time people are noticeably smile more and start to feel better after the long winter.

What are your favorite seasons?

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