I never feared so much than..

My cat had surgery on Friday. Her name is Mumus and she’s 14 years old.

She’s been with me for 14 years. Real family member.

Exept the last year’s illness, she is very youthful, agile and happy.

Last year, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and we did a lot to heal.

At the beginning of last year, unfortunately, the doctor who operated was not very careful (I not write a name, only if you ask in private) did not pay attention to the cat’s age, so serious complications occurred after surgery.

We turned to another doctor at animal clinic (I write the name because they are very good! Tamás Juhász Animal Hospital). They helped in the long recovery. Unfortunately, we got the bad news that the cat had to be re-operated.
So a long period started again, and the kitten’s organization had to be prepared for surgery.

Pre-surgery anesthesia was a big risk (because of the age) , but a month ago she had a better blood test than me 🙂

The surgery was now on Friday. I was very frightened, confused and nervous. Before this, I thought I could be strong, but that day everything fell out of my hand and I was cold as I was having a fever. And my stomach was “up and down”. I can’t imagine if I have a child, how will I behave in a similar situation. Every mother deserves a congratulation, who went through a similar or harder situation with her child.

The story is finally a happy end. The doctor worked very precisely and Mumus is now recovering. She’s good now.

I was very afraid to lose her. And so far, I never really thought about what would happen if I lose her.

Or I lose my mom, my partner, my gradma….

I’ve never lost anybody who was so close to me and I feel really lucky.

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